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Fidel Namisi Posts

When Toddlers Refuse To Be Carried

I have a niece who was born during the Covid lockdown (I think there was a baby boom during that time 😄). After things eased up I was finally able to fly to Kenya, which meant that the first time I met my niece she was already 16 months old. We spent quite some time together. I really enjoyed carrying her. The challenge is, at that age, a child can fight against you. If the…

When A Story Hangs Together

It was Monday the 1st of January 2024. I decided to talk a walk late in the evening, because I didn’t have much energy for anything else. The night before had been a rather late one. As I walked through my neighborhood – which was for the most part deserted – I came across a young man seated on a lawn outside a house about two blocks from where I live. He stopped me and…

The Key

He waited. He could hear the laboured breathing, punctuated by the occasional deep sigh, coming from the other side of the door. Not long now, he thought to himself. Not long before his father asked his mother to call him. She had specifically requested that he didn’t leave the house until the next day, just in case. He knew the legacy that his father wanted to bequeath him. The story of the family heirloom was…

Leisure Time Is Like Swimming At The Beach

Leisure time is like swimming at the beach. You can stay near the edge and enjoy frolicking in the shallows, or you can go into the deep and discover what lies hidden beneath the surface. The former is effortless. The latter is hard, dangerous, leads to more discovery, growth and learning and becoming more yourself.


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