When Toddlers Refuse To Be Carried

I have a niece who was born during the Covid lockdown (I think there was a baby boom during that time 😄).

After things eased up I was finally able to fly to Kenya, which meant that the first time I met my niece she was already 16 months old. We spent quite some time together. I really enjoyed carrying her. The challenge is, at that age, a child can fight against you. If the child doesn’t want to be carried, they struggle and wiggle and kick, and you have to put them down. 

God wants us to be like little children (Matthew 18:3). We can be like really little babies, who let their parents carry them everywhere. Or we can be like toddlers, who can kick and struggle and wiggle until their parents put them down.

Which kind of child are you? The toddler, the infant, or both, depending on the situation? 

Which kind of child does God want you to be?