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  • Dnd Open world. I enjoyed it more than the one shots. The world is bigger and has more history to it. Adds some dimensionality to the play.

  • Use the GPS!

    Did a hike in Faerie Glen this morning with some friends. Lesson learned: always use the GPS even if I think I know how to get somewhere I haven’t been to in a long time. I took the wrong road heading to the hiking trail and was 15 minutes late as a result. Always use the gps if it’s available. read more

  • Summarise Texts With Merlin + ChatGPT

    A major headache is now taken care of.


  • In my experience, it takes a few days to analyse a great failure, and a few years to analyse a great success.

  • Yesterday I spent my Starbucks reward on iced tea for a friend of mine. Today, the barista brings me this cup of coffee, on the house. Karma!

  • Books For The Garbage Pile

    This is every writer’s worst nightmare. When your books end up in the bin! I found these in my local community library. When people no longer borrow books, the library tries to sell them. If no one’s biting (and the price is dirt cheap… nearly free, to be honest), then the … read more

  • This is by far the best definition of PLOT that I’ve ever come across:

    “PLOT is Series of Conflict Events that lead to the MacGuffin”

    A MacGuffin is “an object of desire in a story world, taking the form of people, places or things.”

  • Read and re-read this book. It explains the importance of “hiding and disappearing” and being of service to others, and how this is the secret sauce of happiness. Go back to it after a few months have elapsed.

  • The Greatest Gifts

    God’s greatest gifts and blessings are internal habits and ways of being; not external results or outcomes. High as the heavens are above the earth, so are processes over products, habits over goals. Habits, graces, gifts and processes…these are ways of being…ends in themselves … read more

  • Eyes Fixed

    In the hard going to the top of a mountain, the climber often fixes his eyes on the summit, or on his own feet or on those of his companion. Seldom will he let them wander around him aimlessly, taking in the harsh and beautiful sights that will often leave him distracted and discouraged. Photo by … read more

  • Prompts List for Plot Twists

    Courtesy of the good people over at shangchimokf.blogspot.com Villain gains a powerful ally. Hero is mortally injured or terminated. Hero narrowly survives death and returns. Hero’s actions prompt local authorities to deport hero. Hero, knowingly or unwittingly, falls in love with villain. … read more

  • Prompts List for "Dig Deep" Moments

    Courtesy of the good folks over at shangchimokf.blogspot.com Hero narrowly survives death and returns. Villain convinces hero the villain’s motivation is just and morally correct. Hero and villain must work together to defeat a common enemy or reach some goal. Hero crosses the line, … read more

  • Fountain in the garden outside Nazareth House Church, Pretoria.

  • Asking The Right Question

    There was once a man who lived beside a mountain. For many years, he would look at its peak and ask himself, “How can I get to the top?”. One day he summoned the courage and the energy to set out. Once he was on the road, he realized that what he thought was the summit was nothing but a … read more

  • Repeat the same, small action again and again and watch time become the most powerful tool in your hands.

  • Handy List of Story Stakes

    #stakes #writinglists From the book by H.R. D’Costa on the same General Protection - Here, a collective group residing in a particular location is at risk Demise - Here, the hero will personally die. Livelihood - Here the hero will lose gainful employment Freedom - Here the Hero or someone … read more

  • Birds on the window sill at dawn.

  • New Year Morning Walk

    Woke up earlier and took an hour long walk this morning. Cloudy. Took some photos of flowers on the way. Noticed that as soon as I started taking photos, I became way more observant and aware of things around me. Reminded me of “The Little Prince”: to truly see something you have to look with the … read more

  • Started my first #bulletjournal in December 2022. Filled it up already by Dec 31st. Starting the new year by doing a bullet journal migration. A lot of work but answers the question:”How am I going to revise and revisit and review all the stuff I write systematically?”

  • Worked out on the balcony at Ducks Dam. Had to bring the bench and the weights up. Was raining all afternoon so couldn’t go outside.

  • Hiking with the guys in Kranskloof Hiking trail, in the Magaliesberg. Rest stop in a shady section we nicknamed “Mirkwood.”

  • Final day of the 3 Day Training workshop for the DW Academie Producer’s Program in Kampala Uganda. It’s been intense but such a pleasure.

  • This is David. David is from Spain. David helped me build that garden shed in the background. Be like David. Except the “from Spain” part of course 😊

  • Africa - The Land of the Saints

    Came across some really touching stories in this book. Especially the one about the prostitute who became a saint. My dream would be for lots and lots of African children to be named after these saints, so their memory is never forgotten and to dispel the myth that Christianity came to Africa via … read more

  • Memories of a hail storm in Pretoria….