Vultuum Tuum (Your Face)

“Vultuum Tuum” (Your Face)

“Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!” Your face, LORD, do I seek.” Psalm 27:8

Is this world that is before me,
All there really is to be?
Each moment’s sight
Soon put to flight
Each day dawns dim dull drudgery.

Are poor senses all that can,
Tell me of mortal flesh and man?
Each movement spent,
In recompense,
For hopes and dreams soon tired and wan?

Eyes that search and scour the skies,
Seeking what beyond them lies,
Right next to me.
So say the men whom we call wise.

Yet within I feel, not know
That something greater wants to grow,
And reach toward,
The things quite hard,
To grasp as gently past they blow.

And go beyond this passing ken
To find itself that new day when
The world of lights I will perceive
As new life, final breath conceives.

These eyes so lately drawn to creatures,
The world, the flesh, the half-truth teachers,
Finally seeing,
The Hidden Being,
As rest they take upon His features.


There once was one called Light-bearer,
And another called The Betrayer,
Both of whom oft saw your face
Yet turned away from Your embrace.