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Category: Thoughts

When Toddlers Refuse To Be Carried

I have a niece who was born during the Covid lockdown (I think there was a baby boom during that time 😄). After things eased up I was finally able to fly to Kenya, which meant that the first time I met my niece she was already 16 months old. We spent quite some time together. I really enjoyed carrying her. The challenge is, at that age, a child can fight against you. If the…

Sunset Walk

At the sunset our lives we will be judged not on where we walked to but on how well we walked the road. Writing, like a walk, is less about the destination and more about the soft sunlight on your skin, the leaves in rustling in the wind, the easy conversation of pleasant company, the colours of the grass and trees. Live the now. Love the now.

Too Many Writers Spoil The Script

Too many chefs spoil the broth by making it bland and tasteless, not by burning it. Similarly, creativity by committee usually devolves an idea from an idea that pleases a few to a watered down version that displeases none.