The Black Hole and The Comet

Deep in space, a little star revolved around a bigger star. Both dazzled the other stars as they stayed not too close but not too far away from each other either. But the little star wanted to be big and bright like it’s partner, and burned with envy. “How can I be big and bright like you are?” the little star asked its partner.

“It is not your nature to shine like I do. And besides, people think we are one star, and the brightest star of all to boot. Let’s continue as we are.”

But the little star was very unhappy, and became grumpier and more sad, and as it did, it’s light started fading. Soon it forgot how to shine, as it spent its days watching the bigger star, rather than shining away happily. One day, a passing comet asked it what the problem was, and listened to the little star’s tale.

“Your partner lied to you,” the comet said, when the little star had told him everything. “What you have to do is become one and the same with your partner. Get as close as you can. That is the secret to shining bright.”

“Aha,” replied the little star. “That is good advice.” And that is what the little star did. It moved closer and closer to its partner, inching closer every day, basking in the bigger star’s heat and light.

“Stop!” the bigger star warned, when it noticed what the little star was doing, “or you will destroy us both!”

“You are saying that because you don’t want me to shine as bright as you do. But the comet told me how. I now know your secret.”

Saying that, the little star smashed into the bigger star, breaking it in two. The bigger star exploded, and the little star immersed itself in the dazzling display of heat and light. After the bigger star was gone, and the little star realized that it was all alone. Nor could it remember how to shine anymore. It became cold, sad and lonely.

Then the little star saw the comet flying past it again.
“Hey, comet. Please come and give me some light and warm me up a little bit, for it is cold, dark and lonely out here.”

“Most definitely not, you foolish star,” the comet replied. “You are now a black hole, and if I come any closer I will never escape your clutches.”