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Leisure Time Is Like Swimming At The Beach

Leisure time is like swimming at the beach. You can stay near the edge and enjoy frolicking in the shallows, or you can go into the deep and discover what lies hidden beneath the surface. The former is effortless. The latter is hard, dangerous, leads to more discovery, growth and learning and becoming more yourself.


Red and orange fading Fast into white and black It passes But it will return soon With more news.

Sunset Walk

At the sunset our lives we will be judged not on where we walked to but on how well we walked the road. Writing, like a walk, is less about the destination and more about the soft sunlight on your skin, the leaves in rustling in the wind, the easy conversation of pleasant company, the colours of the grass and trees. Live the now. Love the now.


No Match For It Is To Be Found No match for it is to be found, No flaw in it, tis fully sound. It thaws the coldest hearts to dew, Brilliant brightness, shining through, Like summer rain, the locks unfold, Oer eyes bewitching to behold, That crown the ruby red-rose lips, Whose smile would draw Achilles’s ships. There is no man who as yet lives, That can bestow as nature gives. Though none merits such…

The Fallen Cypress

A tall, stately cypress tree had lived for many years, but was very unhappy with its life. It felt that death was near, and it looked forward to its end with eager longing. “My life has been useless” the tree said to itself. “All I have done is stand here for several years, doing nothing, day in and day out. Just the same routine, providing shade to birds and animals, over and over for years.…