Girl? What girl?

What change is to time, abundance is to space. And since God is in the now, He’s more likely to be found in the abundance of space around us.

As I walked past a pair of German Shepards this morning, I felt fear because I imagined one of them pouncing on me. I realized that my imagination was the cause of my fear, and I wondered how I could quell my imagination at any given moment.

I remembered that my imagination is an interior sense, and that when I focus my attention fully on one sense, the other senses quieten down. So when I look intensely at some detail of something near me, my imagination and my other senses fall away from my perception. The same goes with my sense of touch. When I focus on the feeling of my breath in my chest or nostrils, then my imagination is ignored. This helps a lot with imaginings about the uselessness of exercise, for example, when I’m doing crunches or pull-ups.

Then I realized that God in His abundance is giving me all I need to overcome fear right now, in the moment – not via changes in time- but via abundance in space. I guess that that is part of His love. His abundance. A love that drives out fear. The details of the trees, leaves, birds and grass all welled up around me. I noticed the ivy leaves high-fiving the morning sun, the warm breeze tickling the hairs on my arms and the splotches of bird poop on the pavement being nature’s version of abstract art. A scantily clad young lady walked past me, and I looked at the brown blots on the white petals of a lily growing in a sidewalk garden.

What girl?