Links to some of my (mostly) produced screenplays. For academic purposes only.

Still Small Voice

When a widow is forced to relive the last months of her broken marriage a year after her husband succumbed to Covid-19, a voice from the other side of the grave helps her find forgiveness.

This story was written as part of an initiative to spread stories of hope in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This micro-budget magic realism drama explores the themes of hope, love, forgiveness and moving on. A year after her late husband succumbed to Covid-19, a despairing widow is forced to listen to the voice notes she exchanged with him, and relives their last few months together when their marriage had completely fallen apart and they had both given up on their relationship. But an unexpected voice note that could only have been sent from beyond the grave, snatches her back from the brink of despair and reassures her that not even death can destroy true love.

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Bring Back Lost Lover

Winner of the 2015 Writers Guild Award for Best Original Screenplay

A charlatan traditional healer must compete with a score of unlikely suitors for the affection of his long-lost lover.

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Hear Me Move

Winner of the 2015 Kalasha Award For Best Screenplay

The son of a famous street dancer tries to discover the truth about his father’s tragic death 12 years prior. When he joins forces with his father’s dance partner, he finds himself embroiled in a bitter rivalry that pushes him to his limit.

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Remix - Musical Comedy - Episode 1

Sentenced to community service at a church for pirating their own CDs, two washed out musicians, Tooth and Nails, decide to start a gospel music group. Tooth incurs the opposition of Pastor Titus who is the champion of physical discipline to correct one’s wrongs. His daughter Lindi, who is also Tooth’s ex-girlfriend, is caught between making the men in her life happy and discovering her own voice. Meanwhile Nails’ voice is drowned out by Tooth despite him having the key to making the group work.

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Remix - Musical Comedy - Episode 5

Tooth reunites the Remix members and manages to lead them to the finals. Meanwhile, King Pin shows up to wreak his vengeance. Lindi makes peace with Titus, and Nails gets the recognition he so sorely craves.

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