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The best definition I’ve come across of the word “story” is by Dwight V. Swain, who defines it as “a record of how a character deals with danger”.

This cast a new light for me on the idea of “news story”- and made me understand why the news can never be positive, because then it would lose its entertainment value - which literally means it’s ability to hold my attention. My mistake is thinking that what holds my attention is an accurate representation of reality. Birds don’t hold my attention, but they are just as real as what’s in the headlines. The result is mental disorders caused by living in a dream world created by “news stories”. And the most common mental disorder is a kind of low level paranoia. I’m closing all my news feeds and taking a walk in nature. Thank God for the real reality of birds and trees and the warm, winter sunshine - which are just as real as what’s in the news.

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