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title: The Waázi Refuge aliases: waazi refuge author: fidel date: 2022-07-21 summary: bitly: categories: [Fiction, Jihara] tags: settlements math: true mermaid: true image: path: https://s2.loli.net/2022/08/02/pmyNATRbLuGhkjD.jpg width: 200 height: 300 alt: Description: Anything from the tiniest of villages to the most bustling of space hurled gigantic space stations. —

Hideout of the sorcerers trying to escape the strict laws against magic

People say the area is protected by very dangerous curses and anyone who approaches will die a painful death.

On the outside it just looks like a glade in the forest. Within the magical shield, there is a colony of small huts.

The huts are simply furnished with animal skin rugs and hastily-made stools, since the Wa’azi had to flee quickly and could carry very little.




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