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Why God Hides Himself

There was once a handsome young billionaire who was seeking a wife. The problem was that all the women who pursued him wanted him for his money, his property and his looks…but not for his personality, for who he really was. So he decided to leave all his possessions and create a new identity for himself, that made him seem very normal and ordinary,mflipping burgers at a Macdonalds. Sure enough , no one was interested in a burger flipper… But with time, he created a new circle of friends who loved him for who he was, for his character, and eventually even found a girlfriend and got married. Only on his wedding day did he reveal that he was one of the richest men on earth, and his wife and friends were over the moon.

Christ is the billionaire. He knows that if he revealed his grandeur to us, we would be so overwhelmed that we wouldn't follow him for his character and personality. And so he keeps heaven hidden away from us, so that we follow him for his sake first and foremost…only then will we get the rest.