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What True Petitionary Prayer Looks Like

Our Lady’s prayer at the wedding of Cana is an example of perfect petitionary prayer.

Her aim isn’t to bend God’s will to hers. Her aim is only to communicate to God a concern :"They have no wine…"

And God's reply? Not yet…

Then follows a bending of her will to God’s will: “Do whatever He tells you”

Meaning, "Even if He tells you, 'Be at peace. Don’t worry about earthly wine that satisfies for a moment but seek the Heavenly wine that will never leave you thirsty again.' Even if He tells you, 'You worry and fret over much, yet only one this is needful. Listening to my words is better than drinking wine." Even if he says "Do nothing." He could’ve said any of those things.

Our Lady was open to it all. She shows us how to accept the will of God fully and perfectly whilst being entirely open and honest about every need, worry, desire and concern. This is true and deep intimacy with God: give Him everything that is in my heart - even if it's not the highest and most noble thing, and then accept "whatever He tells me".

Lord, may I be like this.