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Reaching New Heights

This poem was written by my friend, Sagree Naicker.

On the 🗻 top, Where it's misty, The view a bit hazy When man doubted that I could, God knew I would, By His strength and grace, Empowered to finish the race, Nothing to drive me crazy Enjoying the silent moment Sounds of nature, Enjoying His creation, Full of imagination A passerby I hear cough, Feels a bit tough Up the ladder We climbed In no time Down we came, Signing the hall of fame Many burden bearers Cause they such carers Up the mountain I went, Time well spent, Such view to behold, Out their in the cold, God our master artist, Painted a picture, A view that's spectacular, No words to describe, Breath taking indeed, Fauna and flora, from a seed, A range of mountains With small fountains A day well spent, With people who care, And care to share God showed, He works miraculously Even though I live dangerously, Enjoying life at all lengths Because,He gives me the strength.

Sagree 5/04/22