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Our Souls Are Like Shoes

Two flatmates and good friends both landed job interviews at the same firm in the middle of the city they lived in. They decided to share a cab and go there. But the traffic was so much that a few blocks away from the office,M they decided to walk the rest of the way. But it had just rained a few hours before, and the roads and sidewalks were covered in puddles. Every so often, they would get s little bit of splatter on their shoes. One stopped to clean his shoes immediately each time they got dirty. The other didn't want to waste time and decided to clean them once when he got to the building. When he arrived, he went to the bathrooms and took tissue and started wiping his shoes. But the dirt on them was so much, it took longer than he anticipated and he didn't do a good job either. He couldn't get all the stains out easily. As he walked out of the bathroom with his semi clean shoes, his friend arrived with his shiny, clean shoes. They both were a few minutes late, but we're still let into the interview because their employers had heard about the traffic. Both had the same qualifications and experience and they both answered the interview questions well. After the interview, the panellists wondered who to hire because both had exactly the same scores on the interview. One had a bright idea…"Let's hire the one with the cleaner shoes."

Our souls are like shoes. By virtue of living daily in the middle of the word, we will go through puddles and dirt. If we clean our souls regularly in confession, it will be easier and out shoes will remain cleaner …than if we do it very rarely. And the job interview is the final judgement. If you confess very rarely, the moment of death will find us with heavy stains on our souls, that will be hard to clean .