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On St Thomas Aquinas

Today I read the story about how St. Thomas Aquinas's elder brother sent a woman into the saint's room to seduce him, and how St. Thomas chased her out with a firebrand. When he returned he used it to etch a cross on his door.

That got me thinking: what if St. Thomas had fallen for her? What if he had abandoned his path? Where would Christian theology be today? St. Thomas is like great whiskey: to imbibe him is to be elevated but you need to develop a taste for him first then take him in tiny sips. To bridge the gap of understanding him, I rely on his disciples, the Thomists. They stand on the shoulders of a giant, literallly and metaphorically. Whenever I find a Thomist thinker I am always certain that I will find:

  1. Deep insight
  2. Freedom from error

Whether that thinker be Jacques Maritain, Josef Pieper or Mortimer Adler. St. Thomas became such a bright light that it scares me to think the darkness we would have been steeped in had he said "No" to God.

And further still: can you imagine how many potential lights did actually say "No" to God, and have caused a lot of the darkness we see in the world today? If one man's yes could shed so much light, one man's correspondence to God's call could have such a massive impact for millennia, it scares to me to think of what mankind has missed out on because of those who said "No" to God.

I suspect we have lost a lot as humanity because of the would be saints who were not.

Thank you St. Thomas. Thank you, saints in heaven.

You guys rock!