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Moby Dick

My impressions from Moby Dick.

  1. It's a hard book to read. The first time I tried reading it was in high school. I couldn't finish it. The second time was in university. I still couldn't finish it. The third time was a charm, in 2019-2020.
  2. The way the guy combines the styles of novel writing and play writing is astounding.
  3. His facility for quoting and referencing other works, especially scripture, is next-level.
  4. The main character, Captain Ahab. Wow. Speechless.

Lesson to remember. Herman Melville didn't achieve any fame for Moby Dick whilst alive. In fact I read somewhere that he died poor. It confirms my suspicion that writing, like virtue, must be it's own reward. Especially if you hit flowflow
What Flow Looks Like On The Outside
Non-stop frenzied writing, where the hands can hardly keep pace with recording what the imagination is perceiving.

What Flow Feels Like On The Inside

The Ingredients of Flow

Long hand writing. Pen and paper.
Nobody speaking to me or interrupting me. Not a joint brainstorm session. It's a solo effort.
The culmination of a lot of preparation - usually in the form of worldbuilding. Hours and hours of painfully sifting through and considering i...
. That's something worth fighting for.


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