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Exercising 36 Days Straight

Some time ago, I read a book about the craft of writing. But it was less to do with the actual

mechanics of writing and more with the lifestyle of writing and how to live and keep healthy before spending a lot of time seated behind a table writing or typing away in a computer all the time. And one of the key points that they mentioned was the

importance of getting active

every single day. Even though I the end of the day, I would typically feel quite tired and exhausted and feel like Gosh, have spent, you know, five, five and a half, six hours writing to them finished. It doesn't actually mean that physically, my body is exhausted. And the idea was to get active every single day exercise, especially ones back muscles, hamstrings, shoulders


stress could mount or could pile up. So I decided, Okay, let me give this a bash. And I was quite lucky at the time because of suffering from bouts of insomnia. And I'd gone online to check out some podcasts about how to resolve this issue.

And I clicked on the top rated podcast on iTunes, which was called the model health show at the time.

This was around 2016, and one of the

podcast episodes caught my attention.

Its title was the only five exercises you ever need to achieve a perfect physique. I thought to myself, alright, that sounds efficient and effective. Let me check it out. And I listened to it and found it quite interesting because the

show host spoke about

the only five exercises being push ups pull ups, dead lifts,

squats and lunges as an N as an additional bonus, the six exercise he suggested doing


planking as an exercise. So I thought, okay, because each one of these exercises targets several muscle at the same time. So in a short time you exercise most of the large muscle groups in your body sounded like a good idea. So I gave it a bash. At first it was very, very difficult. This was through most of 2016 and 2017 to build the habit and the rhythm of carving out time to exercise every single day and also building up the muscles. The first time we do squats. It's not easy to get past

you know, 2025, 30

squats and it takes some time to to build up the muscles and to overcome the pain that you feel the next day. But with time

I built up the muscles for that it took a long time started slow

small focusing just one day doing push ups one day doing pull ups one day doing

deadlifts one day doing

squats another day doing lunges. And each had to find a different app for each one of these exercises. Then at the beginning of 2018 had a minor hiccup which speak about in another

blog post was hospitalized for a

blood clot.

But I got back on board shortly after that. This was around January 29, 2018

got back on board. And I discovered an app called streaks workout. And the fantastic thing about the streaks workout app, which is only an iOS I think at the moment will I have to use it on my iPad is that it allows you to pick any from a it's got its got a whole list of exercises. And it allows you to pick which exercises you want to do. And then mixing them up randomly according to a specific set of specific time limit. So if you only have 12 minutes to exercise, you can exercise a mix of those six exercises over 12 minutes, 18 minutes, 2030 minutes and 40 minutes of the the exercise durations that streaks workout gives. And I found this app very useful. And I started using it especially in 2018 this year. And the fantastic thing about the streaks workout app is that it challenges you to do to maintain a streak hence, streaks workout, it challenges you to maintain a streak as you're exercising and to see how many days in a row. You can go exercising. And so after a few tries around March, April, I finally decided to give it my best best push. My first streak, I think was seven days. And I was able to do 14 days. And then eventually I got really mad at myself and said, Let me see how far I can really, really get. And I managed to get to a 36 days streak which was my record which I haven't broken yet. No do I actually want to break for reasons that are going to later and I learned quite a number of lessons from doing that 36 days in a row of exercising without fail using the streaks workout application. The first lesson I learned is I have never ever


like exercising before a workout. Very, very rarely have I felt like exercising before cotton. I realized this is a lot like writing because I have very, very rarely felt like writing

before a writing session

I'll start to think of other things that could be doing ways I could we go out with a good procrastinate. And I just want you to interesting that writing and exercise are so similar actually. So I remember once I met an accomplished marathon runner who would typically he just, you know, wake up in the morning and just run 10 kilometers just, you know, to sort of get his day started. And he told me that he never ever or rather very rarely felt like running a marathon ever, or doing any of these morning workouts that you would do of running 10 kilometers. So that's the first lesson I will I rarely ever felt like that like doing exercise. Secondly, the story that I tell myself while exercising is really really important because there comes a moment when exhaustion would hit. And then I'll start to tell myself Hmm, okay, let me quit. Let me find something else to do. Why on earth am I doing this, this is crazy. I'm putting myself through this pain. This is stupid, and all sorts of other course which have nothing to do with the actual exercise. But the actual moment and that's where I'm focusing on deliberate breathing became so important and that is another important lesson learned not to allow any thoughts that are outside of the moment to interfere with the moment or what's in my mind like calling extra moment thoughts, extra momentary thoughts, and not to allow them ever third lesson I learned was an importance of being flexible to hit the 36 day workout the several days when it was quite difficult because of things happening around the house, celebrate birthday parties being invited to something that whether it starts raining. And I realized that on those days, I had to be quite flexible and actually change up the exercises that I was doing. And that's the level of flexibility, the district's app allows you to be able to change up the exercise that I was doing so that I could still continue with my streak, to even cut down the exercise time but to still show up and still do the exercise. So those are three lessons we can learn from doing 36 days a week of exercising, will I ever do it again? Nope. Why? Because it's important to take rest days and then always ends up breaking one streak. rest days are quite important. I find to be quite useful even just from the point of losing weight. The rest days I find help me to lose weight quicker. I don't know why. I don't know what the science is behind that. But the fantastic thing is after a rest day when they take up the exercising again. It's much much easier if I have interested for too long, it's much easier and I can even do a much tougher workout than I would if I hadn't taken a rest. So will I do a 36 day streak again? I doubt it. But am I glad I did it? Yes. Very much so because I learned these three important lessons which I think can also apply equally well to writing