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Comparing The Anatomy of the Premise Line to the 6 Act Structure

Where The Anatomy of the Premise LineThe Anatomy of the Premise Line
Summary of "The Anatomy of the Premise Line" by Jeff Lyons.

Chapter 1: Your First Book In Story Development

Tell Me Your Story: this is an introductory chapter where he asks you to jot down your story idea.
Story Comes First - Writing Comes Second: in which he cautions against jumping into writing pages, because one is likely to get lost in the narrative jungle. Rather have a premise sentence formulated first, because it will act like some sort of map of the jungle. Meaning th...
maps onto the 6 Act Structure. Though I've come to realize that if you have these things in the back of your mind, rewriting - flowflow
What Flow Looks Like On The Outside
Non-stop frenzied writing, where the hands can hardly keep pace with recording what the imagination is perceiving.

What Flow Feels Like On The Inside

The Ingredients of Flow

Long hand writing. Pen and paper.
Nobody speaking to me or interrupting me. Not a joint brainstorm session. It's a solo effort.
The culmination of a lot of preparation - usually in the form of worldbuilding. Hours and hours of painfully sifting through and considering i...
writing over and over - will get you there.

Premise Line Long Synopsis 6 Act Structure
  Moral Blind Spot  
    1.1. Prior Event
    1.6. Likability/Empathy Factors
  Immoral Effect  
    1.2. The Imperfect Situation & 1.5. Pre-Existing Conflict
    1.7. Initial Goal & 1.9. Action Toward Goal & Oppressive Opposition
  Constricting Event  
    1.11. Turning Point Catalyst: The Disturbance
  Overall Goal Revealed  
    1.3. Initial Desire & 1.4. Initial Desire Type
    1.12. Turning Point One: The Dilemma
    1.13. The New Role
    1.14. Refusal/Interference to the New Role (Optional)
    1.15. Nudge From Fate (Optional)
    1.16. Accepting The New Role
  Focal Relationship Established  
    3.1. The Central Conflict
    3.2. The Conflict of Ideals
    3.3. The False Goal
    3.4. Action Toward Goal
  Intro of Main Antagonist  
    3.5. Intentional Opposition
  Overall Story Stakes Rise  
3.6. Turning Point Catalyst: The Turn    
  Protagonists's Personal Stakes Rise Beat!  
    3.7. Turning Point Three: The Moment of Truth
    3.8. To Change or Not to Change
  Doom Moment  
    4.1. The Doomed Plan
    4.2. The Penultimate Goal & 4.3. Action Toward Goal
    4.4. Self-Inflicted Opposition
    4.5. Turning Point Catalyst: The Lowpoint
    4.6. Turning Point Four: The Newfound Resolve
  Show the Protagonist has changed via action beat!  
    5.1. Planning The Long Shot
    5.2. The Ultimate Goal & 5.3. Action Toward Goal
    5.4. Ultimate Opposition
    5.5. Turning Point Catalyst: All is Lost
    5.6. Turning Point Five: The Final Push
  Show The Final Resolution  
    6.1. The New Situation