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You’ve stumbled upon my working notes. They’re kind of strange, so some context might help.

These notes are mostly written for myself: they’re roughly my thinking environment. They are not a blog, meaning that they're not written with a specific audience in mind. I call them an "Atelier" - the French word for workshop. It's a place where I cobble together fictional and non-fictional ideas. You could say that they are me thinking out loud. But I’m sharing them publicly as an experiment. If a note seems confusing or under-explained, it’s probably because I didn’t write it for you! Sorry—that's an essential part of a digital garden…

About Me

I am a son of God and my parents, brother of a few and a friend of many (I hope!) I write screenplays for television dramas and films. I spent the first half of my life in Kenya and the second half (thus far) in South Africa. I love wide open spaces (so long as the visual monotony is broken by movement or its semblance i.e. waves or hills respectively), The Arsenal Football Club and chapati

If you want to reach me drop me a line at fidelatfidelnamisidotcom.

And MJ is the goat, not Lebron.