Lights are fitted on ceilings or high up on walls, because if light is to illuminate something, it must be in its vicinity but slightly removed from it.

It is the same with Christians. God uses them to light up the world, therefore they have to be within the world, but removed from it in their thoughts, ambitions, dreams, goals, habits and desires.

Rooms also have lamps in places where extra light is needed. These are the extraordinary saints, whose light burns brightly in the darkest corners where there is greatest need.

Even as a bird sprays many-coloured fires, The plumes of paradise, the dying light Rays through the fevered air in misty spires That vanish in the height. These myriad eyes that look on me are mine; Wandering beneath them I have found again The ancient ample moment, the divine, The God-root within men. For this, for this the lights innumerable As symbols shine that we the true light win For every star and every deep they fill Are stars and deeps within.