A friend of mine was looking for the woman he had been called to marry. Being Catholic, he was open to having as many children as God wanted to send him. The Catholic girls he met were not open to life, and so he despaired of ever finding a good, Catholic girl to marry.

He decided to go to mass daily, offering it for the wish of finding his wife. After a few months, he spotted a young woman who also attended daily mass. He told me about her. I only had one question for him. “Is she attractive?” “Yes.” “Then don’t waste any time. If a woman attends daily mass and is attractive that’s all boxes checked.”

They started dating and a couple of years later got married. Now they have a beautiful growing family and courageously accept all the difficulties that brings with it.

My friend’s story taught me that the mass has this eye-opening effect, enabling one to see and hear “the giift and the call of God.”