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  1. Hero narrowly survives death and returns.
  2. Villain convinces hero the villain’s motivation is just and morally correct.
  3. Hero and villain must work together to defeat a common enemy or reach some goal.
  4. Hero crosses the line, committing a crime or action that signifies a point of no return.
  5. Hero discovers the primary villain is a close family member/ally/damsel/love interest/mentor.
  6. Hero and villain/villain’s ally/henchman both obtain the desired item, divide it, and separate.
  7. Hero must do something hero swore to never do, before hero can foil the evil scheme or complete the mission.
  8. Hero is tempted by an irresistible opportunity. If hero gives in now, it will be impossible to foil the evil scheme or complete the mission.
  9. Hero’s worst fear, the one he’s been struggling with and haunts his nightmares, has just become a reality. If hero doesn’t face it now, he’ll lose everything.
  10. Villain forces hero to commit a terrible and morally reprehensible act, perhaps kill an innocent/ally/damsel/love interest/mentor/entire village, in order to save another/many others.