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From the book by H.R. D’Costa on the same

  1. General Protection - Here, a collective group residing in a particular location is at risk
  2. Demise - Here, the hero will personally die.
  3. Livelihood - Here the hero will lose gainful employment
  4. Freedom - Here the Hero or someone close to them will lose freedom often via confinement.
  5. Reputation - The Hero’s good name, legacy or honour is at risk.
  6. Justice - Here, the hero will leave the scales of Justice imbalanced and let the antagonist go free.
  7. Sanity - Here the hero or someone they love stands to lose their minds
  8. Access - The Hero stands to lose access to someone or someplace meaningful.
  9. Regret - Hero may lose their secondary dream/ chance at redeeming their past if they fail in their primary mission.
  10. Suffering - Hero’s great ordeal will have been for nothing.. Linked to primary mission.
  11. Sacrifice - Hero’s great giving up of something will have been for nothing. Linked to primary mission.
  12. Happiness - Here the hero has pinned his happiness to a certain prize/ situation.