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  • Started my first #bulletjournal in December 2022. Filled it up already by Dec 31st. Starting the new year by doing a bullet journal migration. A lot of work but answers the question:”How am I going to revise and revisit and review all the stuff I write systematically?”

  • Worked out on the balcony at Ducks Dam. Had to bring the bench and the weights up. Was raining all afternoon so couldn’t go outside.

  • Hiking with the guys in Kranskloof Hiking trail, in the Magaliesberg. Rest stop in a shady section we nicknamed “Mirkwood.”

  • Final day of the 3 Day Training workshop for the DW Academie Producer’s Program in Kampala Uganda. It’s been intense but such a pleasure.

  • This is David. David is from Spain. David helped me build that garden shed in the background. Be like David. Except the “from Spain” part of course 😊

  • Africa - The Land of the Saints

    Came across some really touching stories in this book. Especially the one about the prostitute who became a saint. My dream would be for lots and lots of African children to be named after these saints, so their memory is never forgotten and to dispel the myth that Christianity came to Africa via … read more

  • Memories of a hail storm in Pretoria….

  • Morning walk today was a Jacarandas-in-bloom photo session.

  • First Friday Film Screening at Javett UP Art Centre, Pretoria. Delightful short film titled “What Did You Dream” made by my friends Lesedi Siswana and Karabo Lediga.

  • Met up with my good friends and former colleagues, Sphamandla Madondo and Kanne Puso. Always fun catching up with these guys. I’m proud of how far they’ve come. Chubbiness is a sign of growth 😁

  • 40th birthday celebrations. Saw a lot of unexpected faces. Well, one mainly: Luis Franceschi. Pleasant surprise. Had a nice time with all the guys…

  • Presentation on the Great Zimbabwe Empire

    Attended a fascinating presentation by Professor Innocent Pikirayi of the University of Pretoria, on the architecture of the Great Zimbabwe Empire. Apparently, it was likely climate change that led to the empire’s decline. It seems climate change was a “thing” long before carbon … read more

  • First Friday Film Club at Javett UP Art Centre. Watched “Safe Bet” directed by Mr. B (the guy in the yellow jacket in the middle of the group). www.imdb.com/title/tt3…

  • At Francesco Valente’s wedding reception.

  • Went to Ballito for the Easter Weekend with Vusi, Alex and Joaquin… only to get rained out by the stormy weather. 😅